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Flaming Lips, The Lyrics

*******Bad Days
Be My HeadBegs And Achin'
BrainvilleCan't Exist
Can't Stop The SpringCharlie Manson Blues
Chewin The Apple Of Your EyeChristmas At The Zoo
Chrome Plated SuicideDrug Machine In Heaven
Everything's Explodin'Evil Will Prevail
Felt Good To BurnFive Stop Mother Superior Rain
FrogsFryin' Up
Gingerale AfternoonGod Walks Among Us Now
Godzilla FlickGuy Who Got A Headache And Accidentally Saves The World
Halloween On The Barbary CoastHari-krishna Stomp Wagon (fuck Led Zeppelin)
Hell's Angels Cracker FactoryHit Me Like You Did The First Time
Hold Your HeadJesus Shootin' Heroin
Just Like BeforeKim's Watermelon Gun
Lightning Strikes The PostmanLove Yer Brain
Man From PakistanMaximum Dream For Evil...
Michael, Time To Wake UpMiracle On 42nd Street
Moth In The IncubatorMountainside
Ode To C.c. Part OneOde To C.c. Part Two
Oh My Pregnant HeadOne Million Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday Morning
Pilot Can At The Queer Of GodPlacebo Headwound
Prescription: LovePsychiatric Exploration Of The Fetus With Needles...
Rainin' BabiesRedneck School Of Technology
Right NowShaved Gorilla
She Don't Use JellyShe Is Death
Shine On Sweet JesusSlow-nerve-action
Stand In LineStaring At Sound/with You (reprise)
Summertime BluesSuperhumans
Take Me Ta MarsTalkin' Bout The Smiling Deathporn Immortality Blues
Thanks To YouThe Abandoned Hospital Ship
The Ceiling Is Bendin'The Last Drop Of Morning Dew
The Magician Vs. The HeadacheThe Spontaneous Combustion Of John
The SunThere You Are
They Punctured My YolkThis Here Giraffe
Trains, Brains, And RainTurn It On
U.f.o. StoryUnconsciously Screamin'
UnpluggedWhat A Wonderful World
When Yer Twenty-twoWhen You Smile
With YouYou Have To Be Joking
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Song Flaming Lips, The Lyrics.
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