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Boogie Down Productions Lyrics

100 Guns100 Guns
13 And Good13 And Good
30 Cops Or More30 Cops Or More
7 Dee Jays7 Dee Jays
9mm Goes Bang9mm Goes Bang
Blackman In EffectBlackman In Effect
Bo! Bo! Bo!Breath Control
Breath ControlBreath Control II
Breath Control IiBuild And Destroy
Build And DestroyCriminal Minded
Criminal MindedDope Beat
Dope BeatDrug Dealer
Drug DealerDuck Down
Duck DownEdutainment
ElementaryEssays On Bdp-Ism
Exhibit AExhibit A
Exhibit BExhibit B
Exhibit CExhibit C
Exhibit DExhibit D
Exhibit EExhibit E
Exhibit FExhibit F
Ghetto MusicGhetto Music
Gimme Dat (woy)Gimme Dat (Woy)
Hip Hop RulesHip Hop Rules
House NiggaHouse Nigga
How Not To Get JerkedHow Not To Get Jerked
I'm Still #1I'm Still #1
Illegal BusinessIllegal Business
Jack Of SpadesJack Of Spades
Jah RulezJah Rulez
Like A ThrottleLike A Throttle
Love's Gonna Get'cha (Material Love)Love's Gonna Get'cha (material Love)
My PhilosophyNecessary
NervousOriginal Lyrics
Original WayPart Time Sucker
Part Time SuckerPoetry
PoetryPoisonous Product
Poisonous ProductQuestions And Answers
Questions And AnswersRuff Ruff
Say GalSay Gal
Sex And ViolenceSex And Violence
South BronxSouth Bronx
Stop The ViolenceStop The Violence
Super HoeSuper Hoe
T'chaT'cha - T'cha
The BlueprintThe Blueprint
The Bridge Is OverThe Bridge Is Over
The Kenny Parker ShowThe Kenny Parker Show
The P Is FreeThe P Is Free
The RacistThe Racist
The Real Holy PlaceThe Real Holy Place
The Style You Haven't Done YetThe Style You Haven't Done Yet
We In ThereWe In There
Who Are The Pimps?Who Protects Us From You?
Why Is That?Word From Our Sponsor
Word From Our SponsorWorld Peace
World PeaceYa Know The Rules
Ya Know The RulesYa Slippin'
Ya Slippin'Ya Strugglin'
You Must LearnYou Must Learn
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