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Alanis Morissette Lyrics

(Change Is) Never A Waste Of Time(change Is) Never A Waste Of Time
21 Things I Want In A LoverA Man
A Year Like This OneAll I Really Want
An Emotion AwayAn Emotion Away
Are You Still MadAre You Still Mad?
BabaBent 4 U
Big Bad LoveBig Bad Love
Can't DenyCan't Deny
Can't NotDeath Of Cinderella
Doth I Protest Too MuchEight Easy Steps
Fake Plastic TreesFake Plastic Tress
Fate Stay With MeFear Of Bliss
Feel Your LoveFeel Your Love
Find The Right ManFlinch
Forgive Me LoveForgiven
Front RowGive What You Got
Give What You GotGorgeous
Hand In My PocketHands Clean
Hands Clean (Acoustic)Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Head Over FeetHead Over Feet
Head Over FeetHeart Of The House
Human TouchHuman Touch
I Don't Know (The Weekend Song)I Was Hoping
I Was HopingI Was Hoping
JealousJoining You
Joining YouJoining You
Keep The Radio OnKeeps The Radio On
King Of IntimidationKing Of Pain
King Of PainKnees Of My Bees
LondonMary Jane
Movement I: MercyMovement Iii: Hope
Movement Ix: FaithMovement Vi: Innocence
NarcissusNo Apologies
No ApologiesNo Pressure Over Cappuccino
No Pressure Over CappuccinoNo Pressure Over Capuccino
Norwegian WoodNot All Me
Not The DoctorOffer
Oh Yeah!Oh Yeah!
On My OwnOn My Own
OneOne Bad Apple
Out Is ThroughParty Boy
Party BoyPerfect
Pollyanna FlowerPollyanna Flower
Pray For PeacePrecious Illusions
Princes FamiliarPrinces Familiar
RainReal World
Real WorldRight Through You
Simple TogetherSister Blister
So PureSo Unsexy
So-called ChaosSorry To Myself
Still (unofficial Lyrics)Superman
Sympathetic CharacterThank U
Thank YouThat I Would Be Good
That I Would Be GoodThat I Would Be Good
That Particular TimeThe Couch
The Time Of Your LifeThe Time Of Your Life
The Weekend Song (or "i Don't Know")There Are Worse Things I Could Do
These Are The ThoughtsThese R The Thoughts
This GrudgeThis Grudge
Too HotToo Hot
UninvitedUnprodigal Daughter
UtopiaWake Up
Walk AwayWalk Away
When We Meet AgainWhen We Meet Again
Would Not ComeYou Learn
You LearnYou Learn
You Oughta KnowYou Oughta Know
You Oughta KnowYou Owe Me Nothing In Return
Your CongratulationsYour House
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