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The ReasonThe Reason
The Rebuilt MachineThe Rebuilt Machine
The Receiving End Of SirensThe Receiving End Of Sirens
The Red ChordThe Red Chord
The Red CrayolaThe Red Crayola
The Red KrayolaThe Red Krayola
The Red LionsThe Red Lions
The Red ThreadThe Red Thread
The Redemption SongThe Redemption Song
The RedwallsThe Redwalls
The RefreshmentsThe Refreshments
The Reign Of KindoThe Reign Of Kindo
The Reigning SoundThe Reigning Sound
The Rej3ctzThe Rej3ctz
The Relapse SymphonyThe Relapse Symphony
The Relay CompanyThe Relay Company
The RembrandtsThe Rembrandts
The Republic TigersThe Republic Tigers
The RescuesThe Rescues
The RespectablesThe Respectables
The RestartsThe Restarts
The Return Of The KingThe Return Of The King
The Reunion ShowThe Reunion Show
The RevelsThe Revels
The RevolutionThe Revolution
The RezillosThe Rezillos
The RidesThe Rifles
The RiflesThe Righteous Brothers
The Righteous BrothersThe Righteous Young
The Righteous YoungThe Ripples
The RipplesThe Riptide Movement
The Riptide MovementThe Risk
The RiskThe River
The RiverThe Robertsons
The RobertsonsThe Robot Ate Me
The Robot Ate MeThe Roches
The RochesThe Rock Heroes
The Rock HeroesThe Rock Steady Crew
The Rock Steady CrewThe Rockateens
The RockateensThe Rocket Summer
The Rocket SummerThe Rocketboys
The RocketboysThe Rocking Dildos
The Rocking DildosThe Rocktronix
The RocktronixThe Rods
The RodsThe Roka Group
The Roka GroupThe Romantic Era
The Romantic EraThe Romany Rye
The Romany RyeThe Ron Rude Renaissance
The Ron Rude RenaissanceThe Ronettes
The RonettesThe Rootless
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Music Artists Letter T.
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